Case Study: Transforming Galardi Wienerschnitzel’s IT Infrastructure with RTG


Galardi Wienerschnitzel, a prominent player in the fast-food industry, has undergone a remarkable transformation in its IT infrastructure over the past decade with the assistance of RTG, a leading technology solutions provider. This case study illustrates how RTG’s consistent support, proactive approach, partnership with Oracle, and flexibility have played a pivotal role in meeting Galardi Wienerschnitzel’s evolving needs.

Challenges Faced by Galardi Wienerschnitzel

Galardi Wienerschnitzel, like many businesses, faced several challenges regarding their IT infrastructure. With a network of over 300 locations, maintaining operational efficiency and security across all outlets posed significant hurdles. Additionally, as their legacy systems approached end-of-life status, the need for seamless transitions to modern technology became imperative.

RTG’s Solutions and Contributions
  1. Consistent Support: As an expert in the Food and Beverage industry for Oracle’s Cloud Service Solution, RTG provided consistent night and weekend support for Galardi Wienerschnitzel’s Oracle Micros product and restaurant IT systems.  Thus, ensuring smooth operations round the clock.
  2. End-of-Life Upgrades: When Galardi Wienerschnitzel’s servers approached end-of-life status, RTG undertook the project to upgrade to Windows 10 overnight, minimizing disruption to store hours and operations.
  3. Security Prioritization: Recognizing the importance of security, RTG transitioned to attended access while maintaining night and weekend support, aligning with Galardi Wienerschnitzel’s security priorities without compromising operational efficiency.
  4. Micros to Simphony Migration: As Galardi Wienerschnitzel’s Micros system approached end-of-life, RTG facilitated a smooth transition to Oracle Simphony, utilizing hard drive swaps to preserve existing equipment where feasible. As a hardware provider, RTG allowed Galardi Wienerschnitzel to explore cost-saving options and future-proof upgrades.
  5. Flexibility and Customization: RTG demonstrated flexibility by tailoring solutions to meet the specific requirements of each project. Whether it involved staged hardware delivery, overnight technician support, or nationwide coverage, RTG ensured that Galardi Wienerschnitzel’s needs were met efficiently.
  6. Collaborative Partnership: The partnership between Galardi Wienerschnitzel and RTG has been characterized by collaboration and mutual support. RTG established a Simphony lab to support Galardi Wienerschnitzel’s operations, further enhancing their capabilities and ensuring continued success.
Results and Impact

Through RTG’s comprehensive solutions and proactive approach, Galardi Wienerschnitzel has successfully modernized its IT infrastructure, ensuring enhanced efficiency, security, and scalability across its network of over 300 locations. The seamless transitions, consistent support, and collaborative partnership have enabled Galardi Wienerschnitzel to stay ahead in a competitive industry while focusing on delivering exceptional service to its customers.


The case of Galardi Wienerschnitzel’s transformation exemplifies the importance of strategic IT partnerships in driving business success. With RTG’s expertise and commitment to excellence, Galardi Wienerschnitzel has not only overcome technological challenges but has also positioned itself for continued growth and innovation in the dynamic fast-food market.

Added 5/21/2024