Under this service, a call will be automatically routed to RTG’s Depot Center, where a replacement unit is picked from available inventory and shipped overnight to your designated location.

RTG will maintain a satisfactory amount of replacement inventory based on the amount of equipment under contract and installed in the field. Failed units will be disconnected by a store associate and shipped to RTG’s Depot Center in St. Louis.

Once received, the unit is repaired and added back into our spare inventory pool. Multiple repairs of the same component may result in discarding that unit. Failed units not returned within 30 business days will be billed at full retail value to the customer.

As failures occur, the customer location or Help Desk will contact the RTG Call Center via a toll-free phone system or RTG’s Web-based electronic system.


RTG offers replacement parts and labor during specified hours of performance for hardware maintenance. Under this program, if a problem cannot be resolved remotely, RTG will dispatch a technician to the equipment location. In addition, a replacement piece of equipment will be sent to the site. The technician will provide the necessary repairs or replacement of the failed equipment. If the existing equipment is found to be defective, RTG will box that equipment and leave it for store personnel to return to RTG’s Depot Center for repair.

Calls and shipment of equipment will be handled as they are under our Advanced Exchange program. However, this additional service provides for a technical resource to meet the equipment after it has been delivered to the site.

Under this program dispatches will be defined as either Priority 1 (P1) or Priority 2 (P2) calls. Priority 1 calls will require a technician to be onsite by the Next Business Day. Priority 2 calls will require a technician to be onsite within 48 hours. The priority levels are associated with the type of equipment used and designated by the customer.


This option provides a means of extending the life expectancy of equipment without the high cost of purchasing new. Certified technicians, experienced in repairing diverse brands of POS terminals and peripherals, ensure high quality refurbishment. Equipment is shipped to RTG’s repair facility for replacement of broken or failed components, memory upgrades and routine maintenance. Each component is chemically cleaned prior to reassembly; equipment is returned to the customer in ‘like-new’ condition.

  • Preventative maintenance programs are available.
  • Customized monthly reports are available.

Less time-critical equipment requirements may better be served by RTG’s Depot Maintenance Program. This option provides the security of a maintenance agreement with the savings of pre-contracted repair prices. Service consists of the customer shipping the failed equipment to RTG’s repair facility; equipment is then repaired and shipped back to the customer within 2-5 business days.


Maintenance services are a significant component of the total cost of ownership of a store automation solution. For this reason, RTG offers an advanced exchange option to reduce costs while still providing a high level of service. Some types of equipment can be repaired and replaced without a need for onsite personnel support.

RTG’S advanced exchange service gives you the option to lower life-cycle maintenance costs by moving repair of less critical products to RTG’s centralized repair facility as an alternative to onsite support.

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