Deploying Kiosk Touch Solutions

Interactive kiosks allow shops and stores to stand out!

  • Strengthening the affinity with the Brand

Deploying Kiosk solutions at the point of sale also means inviting customers to become more familiar with the Brand (and the associated Retail name), to get closer to it and thus see the existing affinity links strengthened; closer to the consumer, the Brand will then present itself in its best light by appealing to the customer’s personal profile, emotions and affect.

  • Optimisation of the Customer Experience and Satisfaction

As they save time by queuing less and making a decision more quickly, consumers will not forget their previous successful customer experience and will willingly return to the shop, thus favouring in-store purchases rather than ordering via the Internet.

Autonomous, more relaxed and often seduced by the intuitive and playful touch-sensitive character of the kiosk, the consumer will then be more inclined to commit to the Brand, to leave his or her e-mail address and contact details, for example, in exchange for advantages or specific information.

Kiosk interactive solutions should therefore not be considered as simple additional equipment that is a bit “gadgety” at the point of sale, but rather as real tools for optimising the omnichannel and “phygital” journey.

Interactive kiosks are therefore increasingly becoming essential tools for retailers who wish to make the in-store customer journey more dynamic and exciting, without being totally outdistanced or caught up in e-commerce and exclusive online strategies.

The world of distribution and the retail sector is betting on kiosks.

With the constant desire to generate more and more traffic in shops, sometimes 7 days a week, several retail chains around the world (large and not so large) are gradually equipping themselves with interactive kiosks, for checkout on the one hand (SCO or Self Check Out kiosks) but also for customer loyalty programs (contest kiosks, for example, used on the occasion of sporting events, a chain’s anniversary, etc).

These roll-outs are often very successful, with increased sales and footfall as customers have a great time shopping.

The ambition to reinvent the customer experience and the customer journey is at the heart of the current issues in the world of retail and distribution; all kiosks, touch-screen tables or totems, as well as the various interactive digital display or digital signage screens installed in shops, contribute to achieving these objectives, namely to preserve the point of sale as the exclusive place and setting for this unique “live” in-store shopping experience.

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