Why Deploy Kiosk Touch Solutions

Thanks to the combination of a touch screen and specific dedicated applications, interactive kiosks are becoming strategic solutions to enhance both points of sale and consumers.

Indeed, ordering and multifunction KIOSK solutions contribute to the revitalisation and modernisation of shops and stores – by providing valuable assistance to both employees and customers.

Economic benefits and profitability

Interactive kiosks owe much of their popularity to the return on investment and turnover generated by equipped points of sale (shops, boutiques and restaurants, leisure parks, cinemas, points of service, etc.).

  • An exhaustive product catalogue in just one click

Kiosks offer a fairly exhaustive summary of a brand’s product range and catalogue. If they cannot find a specific reference in shop, consumers can choose to order it directly via the kiosk interface and have it delivered to their home if they wish.  Therefore, no need to wait for a possible restocking or replenishment or to waste time visiting several points of sale…

  • Additional sales made easier

With the implementation of kiosk solutions, the customer experience is optimised and made more complete as potential buyers are able to discover – and therefore buy – new models and products that they were not aware of (cross-selling effect).

  • Reduction of certain operating budgets

Rolling-out kiosks can also mean cost reductions for expenses such as the development and printing of catalogues, product brochures, leaflets, flyers and other printed promotional materials; these are often too expensive and have become increasingly outdated, so many retailers do not use them any longer for both economic and environmental reasons, thus favouring Kiosk solutions.

  • Sales support and advice

By informing and educating consumers, well-located interactive kiosks also act as sales consultants in their own right. This is a very valuable support which lightens the load on employees, increasing their well-being in their job – and also most of the time their productivity.

  • Entertainment, Promotion and Customer Loyalty

Interactive kiosks can also be used to satisfy the digital appetite of some consumers through videos, interactive documentation, competitions, and other entertaining applications. All that needs to be done is to program the rules of the game, the conditions of participation and to provide prizes and gifts for the winners. The point of sale will then have a modern and effective loyalty tool. Motivated by the game and the possible prospect of an advantage or a prize, customers will be encouraged to buy more often and in greater quantities.

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